The Catholic Men Association, abbreviated CMA is a solidarity group that brings together all practising Catholic men to take an active role in the process of evangelisation in the home, the SCC, the church and the country in general. The group was started in Kenya in the 1970s and ever since has grown from strength to strength in our parish mobilising men to take on different projects for the benefit of the wider congregation.


To enrich the society via living Gospel values in the family, church and community.

To promote the family institution through companionship (spouse), fatherhood (children), and active participation in church for the evangelization and sanctification of humanity.

The CMA is a very a very vibrant group that conducts activities according to its National Calendar. Over the years, the CMA has conducted a number of activities that have been well appreciated throughout the parish in conjunction with the parish council

Every adult male who is a practising Catholic can express the intention to join CMA after which he will be taken through the recruitment process that culminates in being commissioned. They will then be allowed to use the association’s attire: Navy blue tie, a tie with CMA logo, a card and a badge though they will need to abide by the regulations governing the church and the group.