Brief About Us

St. Monica Catholic Parish Kitengela was begun in 1989 as a Sub-Parish of St. Mary Catholic Church, Ongata Rongai – then under the pastoral care of the Comboni Missionaries. Reminiscent of the first Easter community, Christs faithful would meet in their houses for Sunday Mass until 1992 when a small Church was built on the Church land. Fr.Oscar Gonzalez assumed the stewardship of the new Sub-Parish...

In July 1998, St. Monica was elevated to the status of a Parish under the pastoral leadership of the SMA Fathers (Society of African Missions). The Late Fr. John Hannon, SMA became the first Resident Parish Priest. From this time forward, the SMA Fathers have animated the Christian community. With the help of God, St. Monica Parish has grown by leaps and bounds like the proverbial mustard seed, always focusing on its twin priorities of the growing in the love of God
and neighbor

In the field of Education, St. Monica Parish runs a Catholic Primary School, offering affordable education to about 450 pupils. In a bid to sustain the provision of integral education, the Church leadership is planning to construct a Secondary School. Land for this project has already been acquired as we source for funding
from well-wishers and donors."

Apart from the cosmopolitan Kitengela community, there are 4 Sub-Parishes largely dominated by the Maasai community. They are: Kitengela “Original”, Enkasiti, Matali and Oseki. The Priests also offer chaplaincy services to the staff and inmates of the Athi-River Prison, and a number of educational institutions in Kitengela Town. one of the biggest correctional facilities in Kenya. To accommodate the growing numbers and needs of the Christian community in Kitengela, the Church leadership is steering the construction of a new Church in the outskirts of Kitengela town. In addition to this, another piece of land has been acquired in Kitengela town for the construction of another Church soon.